CD Mastering Studio

Dodient Studio is not just a recording studio, we also offer mastering services.

At Dodient Sudio we can turn your demo into a more polished, commercial sounding record. This is done using subtle EQ, compression and limiting. For CD mastering we use the finest quality hardware to create a polished sound. We use a CraneSong HEDD for its world-class D/A and A/D. The HEDD also has a superb tape emulation function that works wonders on certain program material. It also acts as one of the most transparent limiters available.

The mastering studio also has an Avalon AD2055 mastering equaliser to make sure your CD has a flat frequency response and sounds great on any system. When you record at home your acoustics and monitors may not be up to scratch and you may make wrong decisions. We monitor on very high quality monitors in an acoustically-treated room and can make our EQ decisions with confidence. We also use a variety of high quality, analogue mastering compressors to even out the dynamics and make the audio louder and more exciting. We can go from transparent to dirty and in-your-face depending on the material.

We can master the tracks you recorded at Dodient Studio or tracks you have recorded elsewhere.

Prices starts from £1000 per track. At our discretion discounts may be added.

Please contact us for more information